Sittkoffska Gården

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Restaurant Sittkoffska Gården
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\"Home away from home\" in the middle of Mariehamn.
Having a warm cozy home like feel and atmosphere, with sustainable and locally sourced produce are the theme throughout the restaurant. The restaurant has seating for around 150 people with the interior having a mix feel of old and new style design. The old design is from past recycled building materials giving most of the restaurants? unique design literally a second life. Our kitchen focuses on high quality seasonal produce to deliver traditional home cooked food.

The Sail Bar terrace is positioned directly in the warm path of the afternoon sun. The terrace is open all summer, making it the perfect place to enjoy great food and drinks while you watch the steady life of the city go by.

Shopping in Sittkoffs` farm shop is must! If you are wanting to try our own homemade products, delicacies from local farmers or other products from the Islands. The farm shop is great place for small gifts or taking memories of the Åland Islands home with you.

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