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Welcome to Hermans

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People from all over the world have come to enjoy the food and the great view at Hermans. We really enjoy our international guests and like to hear from you after your visit.
Opening Hours: 11:00 am- 09:00 pm. The kitchen closes at 9pm but you can order desserts and coffee until 10pm. 

Bookings can be made over the phone. +46-8-6439480 from 4pm-6pm. You can preferably book online through our website. For bookings on the same day we have 40 seats for drop in and an additional 240 seats in the garden available on sunny days. 

We have live music playing during the whole summer.
Every Sunday  at 1pm-3pm there is a live bossa nova band playing. 
Friday to Sunday we barbeque in the garden. The barbeque includes marinated pani, corn, sweet potato, zuchini, aubergine, mushrooms, bell peppers, satay dip, barbeque dip. The bbq is included in the evening buffet price.  

During lunch and dinner we serve a big vegetarian buffet. We serve a buffet because we want to show you how diversified and tasty vegetarian food can be. Most of our customers aren´t even vegetarian and are greatly surprised. The buffet is completely vegetarian. We have at least fourteen different salads in the cold buffet, three warm dishes, rice and potatoes and bread. All the food is homemade from scratch. If there are people with allergic problems we keep a close account on all the ingredients used. Ask the personnel.

Every week there is a different theme for the buffet.
We have the following themes: Mediterranean, Middle East, India, Asia, TexMex, Multikulti, Christmas Food. 
During the month of December we serve a vegetarian Christmas table buffet on the weekends. 
We can assure you that the view from Hermans is a must see on a visit to Stockholm.
A big welcome!
Greetings from the staff at Hermans
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